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Feeling like a Goddess


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Meridith! You spoiler. Love my box of goodies and I would invite everyone to come and feel like a Goddess too, but most of you are women and that would just be ummmm eeeewe lol.

I must know, where in the world did you get that purse packaging!

Second, what's your secret to the salts?

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I knew you ladies would like those little purses! How can you not? Anyway, I got them on clearance from a mold company. Bummer, that they no longer have them in those colors. They were carrying some others that were just a bit different and for much more than I got those for. Last time I looked, they must have been out of stock because it wouldn't do anything when I tried to click on the link. Here's the web addy:


This company has some really cool things at decent prices. They ship real fast too. I've ordered from them 2x, and been pleased both times.

Scented - The salt recipe is my own concoction that is a result of fustsing around, experimenting and playing. Eventually something good had to come of it. LOL Ill PM it to you later. Right now, I don't have the recipe with me in the house. It's out in my shop and I'm in my jammies in full blown lazy mode. LOL

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