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Something in this I'm allergic too...


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I had a allergy patch test done recently on my skin. The doctor says something in my soap is irritating my skin. I have never noticed any issue with it until this test was done. It shouldn't be the f/o because my lotion with f/o in it is fine. Does anything in my recipe ring bells to anyone that could be causing this. In the soap calc. it comes out pretty mild. I also wonder if having soap tested on my back for 3 days would irritate just about everyone...after all it is meant to be washed off. I have only had a rash show up on my hands at work but of coarse all of those strong cleansers/lotions tested fine...I'm at a loss....TIA:embarasse

Caster Oil-10%

Coconut Oil-24%

Olive Oil-30%

Palm Oil-26%

Sunflower Oil-10%

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From bunny's "How to build a soap recipe!!!" post

More than 15% coconut may dry your skin and be itchy, and more than 20% palm kernel oil may do the same.

ETA: I never use coconut at more than 15%, because I have sensitive skin. I find that more than that can make my skin dry out and flake off. :/

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Yeah but if you're using the soapcalc, plug in hazelnut oil for your coconut and make that formula. (Just use the coconut to actually make the soap.) Then see if that's irritating. THere are some who have 100% coconut soaps just using a newer calculation w/o problems.

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