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I used to get Ylang-Ylang tarts from Yankee Candle and just loved that scent. I think it does very well on it's own, however, I have seen a Ylang-Ylang and Ginger scent somewhere but can't remember where, haven't smelled it myself, but it certainly sounds like a nice combo. I think that scent would do well mixed with a light to medium floral scent or perhaps even a nice citrus scent.

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Ylang ylang w/ any floral would be good.

Ylang ylang and jasmine (always seems to be combined) as does ylang ylang and rose.

Mixing it with some cedarwood or cinnamon will make it more exotic. You could try it with some lavender and lemon and see what you think too. For that matter, lime or other citrus scents.

Try is with some sandalwood or vanilla or both!

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