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Advice Please

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Hi there Ginger,

I've tried the same combo, and had success with 70% CB135 and 30% J223. The burn seems good, the throw is great (JS choc. chip cookie dough). The first time I poured, I poured at 150*, and it didn't set up well- tiny tiny bubbles all over the sides, so I re-melted in the oven at 170* and let it set up in the oven- much better.

Really, use whatever percentages you feel like, IMO. Part of the fun, i think, is seeing what happens with different percentages...


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Thanks for the info. If the weather ever cools off I'll try candles again. Temps have been 102+ and of course heat index is more. I tried to pour yesterday morning while it was cool(80's in the early morn) but even with my little ac going, it took forever for things to cool so I just gave up. This heat has got to end....soon. Ginger

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