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Hi all-I'm a newbie and wanted to know where you all got most of your scents. I always read about your scents and the throw and since I'm going to start making candles I decided to go to the pros! So please help a newbie out. I want to know who has the strongest scents available and if there are any secrets to how they throw. Thanks alot for any help you can give me.


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Hi and welcome, I'm still new myself. There is a lot to learn here on this site. It's not only the scent or the supplier, but the wax and the wick and how hot you pour and add your FO. Also it depends on your location for shipping prices. I haven't tried a lot of different places yet. I am in Ohio, so I try to find suppliers close by. Makes Scents is here and I always get a good throw with them, Just scent also, but I am having trouble getting a good throw, but I like how the FO's smell if I could only get them to throw in the wax. I'm sure someone on here with more experience will add to this. Each scent is also different tooo, some are way stronger than others. Good luck and enjoy! Dee

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