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Soot Question

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Ok this might be a stupid question but..

When I am burning my candles they do not have any soot coming from the flame and the jar is clean. Then at some point half way down the jar there will be a time when I blow out the candle and I can see the smoke hit and start lightly sooting the top rim of the jar. I would believe most people blow their candles out and wouldn't bother dipping the wick. It doesn't seem like I am getting soot during burning at all.

So should I not be worried about soot that comes from people blowing out the candle?

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I would not worry about it either..you can also smoke up the jar from lighting it..my propane lighter does that when I tip the jar slightly sideways to see in it to light it..I hate that..cause I dont want people to think it is my candle that is doing it..:tongue2:

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Thanks all. This puts my mind at ease. I have become insane with trying to be perfect.

Anyway just gave out my first to family members the other day - so far I have gotten really good feedback. I am using greenleaf 70/30 blend and they have never burned soy or soy blended candles. They are loving how they burn - they said most of their candles that they have bought always gave off black smoke.

I can't wait to see what their jars look like when they are done. I also did not give them any instructions on how to burn - figured let them burn candles they way they normally do and not the way I want them to.

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