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scents for the seasons


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I think it all depends on what people in your "area" want. It takes awhile to figure that out. Perhaps you can make up a little "survey" sheet. Or maybe look at your suppliers "best seller list", if they have one.

Just when I stop carrying a particular scent due to it not selling- lo and behold, someone wants it.


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Just my opinions here, what I would buy / sell.


Some kind of spiced apple

Some cranberry

An outdoor smell, like Autumn Leaves

Jack O Lantern or Candy Corn for Halloween


A Christmas blend

Christmas Tree

Candy Cane

Sugar Cookie

Ano outdoor smell, like Winter



"Clean" smells

Spring Rain




Ocean or beachy smell


I'm sure there are a million more, these are my personal faves.

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Many suppliers have a Bestsellers list, broken down by months. Maybe you could take a look at those. Here are a few I remember off the top of my head:

www.aromahaven.com - try clicking this now:

** Click Here to view our MOST POPULAR FRAGRANCE OILS **

If this didn't work here, just go to their home page & scroll down 1/2 way until you see the "click here to view our most popular FO's". They list the month by month oils all the way back to the year 2003!

www.naturesgardencandles.com - try clicking this now: Fragrance by Category - if this didn't work here, just go to their home page & look on the left side & click on Fragrances By Category.

Then, that will bring you to many choices & you'll see categories such as: Winter Scents, Fall Scents, Easter Scents, Halloween Scents, Spring & Summer, Valentines Day, etc...etc...etc..

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