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scents for the seasons


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I think it all depends on what people in your "area" want. It takes awhile to figure that out. Perhaps you can make up a little "survey" sheet. Or maybe look at your suppliers "best seller list", if they have one.

Just when I stop carrying a particular scent due to it not selling- lo and behold, someone wants it.


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Boy anyone figures this out that would be a miracle lol. I'd probably start off with what makes you think of spring, summer, fall, winter. Then pay attention where they sell candles in your neck of the woods and see what's moving.

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Just my opinions here, what I would buy / sell.


Some kind of spiced apple

Some cranberry

An outdoor smell, like Autumn Leaves

Jack O Lantern or Candy Corn for Halloween


A Christmas blend

Christmas Tree

Candy Cane

Sugar Cookie

Ano outdoor smell, like Winter



"Clean" smells

Spring Rain




Ocean or beachy smell


I'm sure there are a million more, these are my personal faves.

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Many suppliers have a Bestsellers list, broken down by months. Maybe you could take a look at those. Here are a few I remember off the top of my head:

www.aromahaven.com - try clicking this now:

** Click Here to view our MOST POPULAR FRAGRANCE OILS **

If this didn't work here, just go to their home page & scroll down 1/2 way until you see the "click here to view our most popular FO's". They list the month by month oils all the way back to the year 2003!

www.naturesgardencandles.com - try clicking this now: Fragrance by Category - if this didn't work here, just go to their home page & look on the left side & click on Fragrances By Category.

Then, that will bring you to many choices & you'll see categories such as: Winter Scents, Fall Scents, Easter Scents, Halloween Scents, Spring & Summer, Valentines Day, etc...etc...etc..

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