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Lotion Recipe- opinions

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I made a lotion yesterday that I love, but I'm freaking out over the percentages! It blended great, never separated, didn't have to keep shaking it to make sure it blended, feels great on my skin, no extra greasiness or stickiness, but I'm still doubting myself. So, tell me what you think.

Oils: 17%

Liquid: 76%

Ewax: 2%

Stearic: 3%

Glycerin: 1%

Cyclo: 1%

Then I threw in an additional 2% vit E.

As I said, this came out great, feels great, and not sticky or greasy (I HATE the feeling glycerin leaves!). But even tho it didn't separate, I feel like maybe I didn't use enough Ewax. So, give me opinions. The thing with making this stuff is the endless variation, which drives me nuts. Sorry this is so long. Now I'm just rambling!!:confused:

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I know I'm being picky, but you can't add another 2% or it adds up to 102%. For some things it really matters.

And where oh where is your preservative?

BTW, I HATE glycerine in lotions. The wierd feeling it leaves behind kills me. I'm thinking of trying more castor oil, cause that's supposed to be similar.

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I just meant that your other ingredients are not in at exactly the % you have posted cause your total is not 100%. When you added the vitamin E you changed the proportions. Dont' mind me.

Just out of curiosity, what preservative and at what %?

The WHOLE recipe should add up to 100%.

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I used the lotion calc on Herbal Soaps etc. by RJ. Here's what I got:

batch size: 20 oz

oils: 17%-3.40 oz

liquids: 76%-15.20 oz

emulsifier: 2%-0.40 oz

stearic: 3%-0.60 oz

other: 2%-0.40 oz

preservative: Germaben II 1% - 0.20 oz ( the preservative seems to be an extra)

Then, after I had heated the oils and wax, etc I realized I'd forgotten vit e, so I threw 0.20 oz in. And really, I love the way it turned out!

But did I do it wrong???

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I dont' believe there is a "wrong", but from what I've seen it doesn't seem "typical." Maybe you are on to something here!

Give it a few days to see if it separates (without shaking it periodically).

But it sounds lovely and light. I'd love to try some!

I always found that weird about the preservatives being extra.

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Thanks for the input. I think just to put my mind at ease though, I'll do 3% ewax and 2% stearic. That shouldn't really alter it too much. And unless it's a problem with the preservative not being able to handle the extra 2%, I may just stick to how I did it.

I'll see what happens!

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Since it turned out great, why are you doubting yourself?

Deep, long-held pyschological issues. Can I blame my mother?:smiley2:

But I think I am going to stick with my formula. Compared to the other stuff I made this recipe is way better.


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Just wanted to encourage you to stick with what you find works for you or what you like. I have been told that certain amounts of ingred won't work ( in soaps, lotions you name it) but I tried them anyways and they worked for me. All the numbers out there are used for guidelines so you gotta think "out of the box" at times.


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