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Soya Bloom

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Did a search on soy bloom but didn't find anything so here goes...

During hot weather, chocolate bars get a white bloom on the surface as the fat separates from the cocoa...or something like that. Well my candles are doing the same. They've sat for months and months, perfectly smooth, frost free and flawless - I've taken them up to the store that I stock, and after only a couple of weeks, the surface of them are almost pure white with bloom. There is no change in the throw or burn, so really its just asthetics we're talking about here. It doesn't look like "frost", like the frost you can get from pouring too hot - it's a definate bloom. There is no oil seepage either so the candle isn't sweating.

Is there anything you can add to CB135 or C3 that will prevent such bloom? They are NOT in direct sunlight at all, and the wax is sitting in tins with solid lids, or glass jars - both blooming after a few weeks in this current 35 degree heat.

Thanks oodles,


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Guest candelecandlecompany

I had the same problem with that wax. I tried about everything so I just gave up on it and went to C3. Haven't had those problems at all and I have candles that I have had for a couple of years. When I pour a batch of candles I keep 2--- 1 to burn and 1 to sit on the shelf so I can see what happens to it overtime. I haven't had any bloom yet. Good luck in your trials. :)

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With chocolate blooming its a form of destabilized crystalizing. It tends to be temperature variant. Soy is very comparible because they are both considered hydrogenized oils. Maybe Hershey's has a trick up their sleave when it comes to coloring and tempering this wax. I have a problem storing it in my basement. That is when my appears or when I leave them to cool off on my granite counter tops.

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I wish I knew what to add. My tarts are turning and feel dry. It's funny cause if I remelt this wax it will look great. I have even got this drying in the pouring pots that have left over wax. Just seems like the oil in the wax evaporates. If it were the same as chocolate then why would some turn and not others in the same environment? If you find some answers, please let me know.

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