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Sunset BCN.... Help!!


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The description for Sunset from BCN is very vague.......fruits and Florals. When I called they were not at all helpful. Said the pouring person would be back in tomorrow and maybe she could smell it and let me know what she thinks......MAYBE. But no guarentee.

I smell fruit, but can't really nail it down. Smells almost like a cocktail, but not as sweet. Some orange, tropical friuts....pineapple?? No coconut.

As for the floral....it's there, but very light..........

Anyone have this oil and want to chime in?

The floral doesn't even have to be right....... just want some concrete "visuals" for my description, so people get an idea what the smell will be like!


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sorry I can't help, but they do have a very active message board & I bet if you posted there, you'd get someone who has it. They only discuss BC products. If you go to the BC main page, look down on the bottom left of the screen in the INFO section & click on their message board. HTH

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I have it, but am not at home. Going by a faint memory -- it's a bouquet of citrus that's been tempered down by the floral ... Neither side is overpowering (to my nose) so that's what makes it hard to pull something out and say I think it's this. Now I'll try that again when I get home ... see if I can pluck anything out ... course this will be much later tonight.

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I'm snorting sunset and can't pick out a note lol ... well yeah I can so I'm sniffing again because I don't like that note.

As for florals in there, I think there's some rose and jasmine in there and it could maybe have a hint of lilac or gardenia or lily. (Something keeps giving me a baby powder aftermath though lol and I don't like BP) ... but the hint of fruitiness sure makes it tolerable. OK I think there's some lemon and lime in there, but I think there's another fruit. Could be an apple, like maybe a green apple. Whatever the scents are, they're well masked lol, but I really pull more lemon and lime.

It really is a warming scent. Not warm like an amber warm, but warm like a comfortable warm. I could see where someone could translate it to a sunset or that time of day (minus gas fumes and air pollution lol)

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