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Breast Cancer fundraiser tester


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This is a pic of something I'm trying to get together for our ladies aux fundraiser. I'm taking these 2 in tonight for consideration. Haven't test burned them. I have test burned 2 that I really screwed up! I did one in the tureen with 6006 scented in Dreamcatcher. I got 3 different waxes from CS and am testing them all with their wick recommendations. For some reason I used LX16 for the tureen. Don't have a clue why--must have been drunk. Real smoky. Apoth style was worse--used an ECO8. Got the black jar! These 2 are scented in Pink Sugar.


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Thanks. One of these days I'll figure out how to post a pic without a link. Today has been ONE of THOSE days, though. Nothing going right. The yard crew came this a.m. They always give me the LOOK like I'm the gringo woman from hell. Bad pics, bad burn tests, etc. Going to get a beer with the girls!

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