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Terracotta color?

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Hey all, trying to get a deep terracotta orange for my Spiced Pumpkin and Sweet Potatoe Pie candles using Cargill C3. I have every color that LS sells. I tried their rust color and it turned out rose. I also used their spiced pumpkin color with a little brown added and just got a deeper rose. I know I didn't use enough drops but can't see getting to the orange stage with these colors no matter how many drops.

I s**k at blending colors so any help is appreciated. TIA!

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Thanks - the containers are the ones you see that Yankee has out every fall - I wait until after Thanksgiving and they go on a drastic sale here (like 75% as they want to get rid of them for the Xmas stuff). I bought a box of them and melted the wax out and just used the containers! I haven't found the small ones like this anywhere but I think Anchor Hocking has the bigger ones - I think they call them candy jars or storage jars - but they are too big - the smallest I think is 5.5". These are 3.5" at the widest point and I like them so much better than the usual pumpkin jars with faces you see around because they have nice lids and the neck of the jar is much more open than those. (Can't you tell I'm excited about these silly pumpkin jars!)

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