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Another!! Label question about suppliers


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I've been looking till I'm so confused. Does anyone know of any supplier who has a "variety" pack? I need labels for shrink-wrapped soap, 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz bottles, jars, etc. I'm sure lots of you know the problem. I need a variety of sizes to experiment with and don't want to purchase full packs of labels for each product. I'm not really keen on the full sheets that you cut yourself, either. If anyone has a suggestion or solution for this, please let me know! :confused:

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Try this place: http://www.labelsbythesheet.com/store.asp

You can mix-n-match and pick sheets of whichever labels you need. They're adhesive, so no cutting! All sorts of sizes, colors, waterproof or non, etc. Lots to choose from. :-)

I love ordering from these people. Shipping is cheap and service is great! (I'm in no way affiliated, I've just had great experiences with them in the past)

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Thanks for listing that site - I didn't know they made these:


Are these exclusive to them - I've never seen them before! I want 'em!

I am not sure if they are exclusive to them... however they are awesome and I just ordered a ton of them from there! :D

I know you will love them they make click n ship so much fun! :D

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