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I use gelluminations a lot. I don't care for their fos. I think they are a little watered down compared to the ones we make but they are great for starters. I don't like the CB135. I have had nothing but problems with that wax. I don't think it is them it is just the wax. Just never had any luck with it.

I do like their embedds and their crusts for pie making. The gel is great too---and they are very easy to work with. For example I had a customer order a huge bunch of wax from me and some other stuff. FedEx really screwed up and ----to make a long story short---they shipped the order back to Lisa at gelluminations. I called them and they shipped it to me that day before they even had the other order back. I thought that was pretty awesome.

Over all, I will always use them.

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