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JS Becky's Ultimate Vanilla


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Hi all,

I'm testing my first FOs at the moment and can't wait until the candles have cured enough:grin2:.

Today I tested JS Becky's Ultimate Vanilla (FO at 175°, poured at 130°, EZ Soy), but I noticed sth strange: immediately after having added the FO there were many tiny oily bubbles (of yourse they were oily...) that didn't dissolve or blend with the wax.

Is it the FO, the wax, or me?? What mistake did I make? Wll this candle explode as soon as I burn it??

Help please:shocked2:


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Sometimes with heavy oils (especially vanillas) you can warm the oil in a cup of hot water before adding to the wax. It helps the fragrance incorporate. OR...just stir briskly with a whisk for a longer period of time than you normally would.

If it was me, I'd remelt the candles in the oven (150 degrees), add them back to the pour pot.....stir forever and repour.

Good luck!

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I doubt there will be an explosion, lol.

JS Ultimate Vanilla is a pretty heavy FO. Sounds like the FO was just not incorporated into the wax well enough. I heat almost to 195 and stir for a long time for the really heavy Fos. If I get tired, I let it sit for a few minutes and then come back and stir again until I can't see the FO in the pot anymore. It just takes time and patience to get it all incorporated. If you've already poured the candles, you should remelt. :)

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Thank you for this information - I will remelt the candle and try again (with lots of stirring...:undecided).

But can you tell me what other FOs are heavy oils (well, I could find out myself - just watching out for oily bubbles:grin2:)?

And: I was using EZ Soy and the directions said that the wax shouldn't be heated over 175° - but I always read that most of you heat quite over this temperature - so what can I do?

Thank you once more for your help - I'm so glad I have you!!


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I poured this fragrance last week, I will test today and let you know the results. I did not have that problems with the bubbles. I added to FO at 175 ans stired like crazy, I let cool to about 120-125 stirred again then poured.

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I'd like to know the same thing...what constitues a heavy and light fo? I glad I read the info about vanilla as I have a sample coming to me soon.

Fos with vanilla or cinnamon generally tend to be heavier Fos. If you look at some of your bottles when you buy them, you'll see that some aren't filled up all the way. That's because that FO weighs more and we buy FO by wieght, not volume. So, if I get a 16 oz bottle of FO and the bottle is only 2/3 full, it's a fairly safe bet that it will be on the heavier side.

I'm not sure what to do about heating EZsoy, since I've never used it. I think that heating to 175 and stirring longer until incorporated should work. I've just found that heating higher helps the process along.

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