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Go ahead and use it if you agree with it. I wanted to cast things in a different light to show there's more than one way to spin the facts. There were multiple sources but it's easy enough to do the research.

Stuff about soy oil I found online. Try "soy oil solvent extraction" in Google as well as "hydrogenation" in Wikipedia. Here's a good link that contains info about both. http://www.wsu.edu/~gmhyde/433_web_pages/433Oil-web-pages/Soy/soybean1.html.

Practically all soy oil is extracted using a petroleum product called hexane, which is an ingredient in gasoline and fast-dying cement. Hydrogenation chemically alters it to raise the MP and turn it into vegetable shortening (a.k.a. soy wax), which is looked down on for eating but takes on moral superiority for candles (despite all the petroleum products that are burned to make it).

Most of the info I have about refining paraffin out of crude oil comes from a great old out-of-print technical reference for candlemaking, but maybe you can find that online too. The point of the process is to recover and purify a naturally ocurring plant-derived substance that formed in the earth.

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Not trying to kiss butt, BUT... TOP...YOU ROCK.. I like and use both waxes, but it can be both confusing and overwhelming to read all the info out there on the pros and cons of each wax. I for one will be honest and say that I want the wax that looks and throws the best.. regardless if my house pets and kids all start morphing into aliens.. okay, not really, but you get the point. I just appreciate the fact that you spend a lot of time researching and sharing this information with all of us.. I for one am too busy racking my brains trying to wick what should be a simple jar! THANKS~

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