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What wax do I use to make tarts?

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I use 70% 6628/ 30% container wax. 1oz fo pp. People have different preferences, but this works for me. Comes out of mold and clamshell easily. Besides 6628 is the only pillar/votive wax that I have. :D

I'm sure others will chime in with different waxes.

Good luck and have fun

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i use ky-tart/votive wax, 1-1/2 oz fo most time to 1lb & 3 oz wax , gives me 24 nice smooth tarts that pops right out mold. i let them cool then put in fridge for about 5 mins then they pop out easy. melt fast and has a good scent throw, plus ky candle is close to me.

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