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How will this look for labeling

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how will this look for labels....if I put a tub with company name on it, and put soap, bottle, and jar of body butter surrounding it (some of the things I make) Wish I could post a picture, but it has been a minute since I posted a picture.:( I know I want the tub surrounding with the bath and body products I make but I am trying to decide where to put my name. Thanks for the advice

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Then your name on there?If I'm following you are you including a rug in front of the tub ,maybe your name at the bottom of the rug or I would just go w/ the co. name,I put phone number,Name of item and one side on left Hand poured candles and on right side spa essentials.I send you a pick if this helps but it will come to you like it did me at 2:00 am

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I wanted it to be more sexy like then the country primitive look. I know what I want but putting it together it the problem. In my head the tub is in the background with the other products in front.

Here are some pics I found while searching B&B sites. I don't remember who these belong to. You can't copy it, I'm sure, but it could give you an idea.

I'll post in 2 posts so you wont have to click on the link to look at the pic.


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