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Igi 4786

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Hello all. Just ordered a sample slab from Candle Science and am awaiting its arrival. I tried doing a search on here but didn't find much with regards to opinions on this wax. How does the hot throw compare with, for example, the J series waxes and the 4627 CB?

I like the hot throw of the 4627 but would like something easier to work with. I would love to hear from someone who has used this and other waxes, and their feelings on how this one compares.

Thanks to all.

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This is the wax that I use. I love it. I get a great hot and cold throw from it. I have not used the other that you use so sorry no help there. I use 1 oz pp and some uv and I have great results.


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I love it for my tea lights, could not get it to wick nicely in a 16oz jar if my life depended on it, and have since given up and decided to only offer soy jars when I open for business, as they are doing great. I either had the flame die out on me half way down, or had massive smoking. I havnt tried it yet in any other jar sizes to be able to give you a better opinion.

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