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4zj7.png This is the rebatch I did using over a cup of water, lol-suprisingly it's hardening up slowly, still quite soft but not mushy. Scented strawberry margarita and patchouli-I used cinnamon for the color (don't ask me how i ended up with two different colors) i know, i know the colors do not match the scent, lol.


This baby came from a 3lb batch using 5 oz of FO-smells nice to me, not strong (yanno me and my broken sniffer....) I colored it using sage, the swirl is kind of an olive color. Since I am using way to much FO due to my sniffage problems I was running low so this is scented with monkey farts, coconut lime verbana(sp?), and pears & berries-don't ask me how or why but it actually smells good!

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