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QUICK HELP...with kids scent choice


What kids scent would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What kids scent would you prefer?

    • Bubble Gum
    • Cotton Candy
    • Fruity (Apple or Strawberry)
    • Other

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I need help deciding on a kids scent for my line..and my biz plan will be seen in 2-3 days by the bank and the SBA so I want to get this added asap..I can't decide on the scent..it will be green no matter what the scent.:undecided

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Guest Milkmaid

You could start with the bubblegum and add a whole "bubblicious" line, like the real bubble gum. Sour Apple bubble gum etc. Of course you may need to change the name a little so that the gum company doesent come after you;) .

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LOL....no offense..but you all where no help...lol:D

Maybe this will help you all.

I got equal votes on most of the scents..our line is called Little Monsters and it consists of monster puke wash, monster goo, moster poo and monster be gone spray, plus monster slime body lotion...so I am making all green...kinda like Shrek..lol....but I need a scent that is unisex...darn..it.. I like the sour apple idea..hmmmm..where can I get a good one..I used Green Apple before from Keystone but did not like it much.:undecided

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Hi pamperme, my kids love bubble gum. When i get going the number one thing i want to stock is Angel Cream, not sure if you've got a recipe but here it is for you if you're interested.

Angel Cream

Add some glittery eye shadow which has been broken up finely to a small amount of hand cream. Add to a small jar and decorate. Add poem. Rub a small amount on the back of a child's hand before going to bed to attract angels to watch over them in the night.


Night is here, and it's time to go to bed.

But, before you lay down your sleepy head,

On the back of your hand rub some angel cream

So angels will watch over you as you dream.

I think this is a wonderful idea for kids, I remember when my daughter was little she was always scared of ghosts. So we got a squirter bottle added some lavender fragrance oil, printed up a fancy label and put on the bottle. We use to spray "NO GHOST" in her room every night before she went to bed and it worked like a charm. To this very day she doesn't know it was water and lavender and she's almost 11 :D . I think the angel cream would work wonders in much the same way too.

ETA: sorry realise that got off the track of what you were asking but thought it might be of interest to you for your kids range. Any way back to your question. I voted Bubble Gum, another favourite of my kids is "jelly bean" that could definately be coloured green for your range.

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CUTE! I think body powder with glitter would probably work the same way..I made some shimmer powder a while back..and forgot about that one for my line..I have been so worried about all the other basics. lol

My kids are always saying there are monsters in their rooms..and we call them monsters most of the time because they act like and pretend they are ones..lol:D That is where I got my idea.

and I changed the name of the conditioner to Monster Tangles..this is my little girls thing.. she gets HORRIBLE ones..and I always have to use a spray leave in on her hair. :D

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Yes I thought it was cute too, I love angels so think this is something i definately want to sell. Isn't it amazing what parents get up to that the kids just don't know (hey and vice versa). Yes powder would be fantastic too. Your daughter sounds like mine. Kiarni has super long hair but it's so fine it's annoying. Ashame your in america sounds like your products would be perfect for her. I need to find something for head lice too, would like a spray in thing and soap or shampoo sort of thing for it. They've just merged all our schools together here, since then it seems to be a weekly occurance for her. I usually spray with tea tree oil in water then wrap her hair in glad wrap. Sorry got off track there. Anyway, every kids loves monster stuff so i'm sure you're range will be wonderful and very popular with them. Good luck with it

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I need to find something for head lice too, would like a spray in thing and soap or shampoo sort of thing for it.

Olive oil! It suffocates them..and the hair will be slippery so you can pick the nits out easily.

UGH I hate when they send those warning notes home about someone being infected with those..ewww..It freaks me out so bad... THANK GOD! neither of my little ones have gotten. My step daughter who use to live with us did 2x..and..well ugh..ewww...totally freaks me out.

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Olive oil! It suffocates them..and the hair will be slippery so you can pick the nits out easily.quote]

WOW that's simple enough, they've all been saying conditioner but it hasnt worked with her so next time i'll definately try the olive oil. Thanks pamperme

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I voted for a fruity scent. Not only will the kids love it, but so will the adults. My sons (ages 8 and 4) screamed for the fruit one at the same time. LOL! A cherry, berry, grapey scent would be great. Neither boy liked the cotton candy. Bubble Gum came in second.

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OK..ya'll were great.. my daughter wanted pink sugar and my son well he just does not care..what scent as long as he gets to play with it..lol..he had pink sugar scenced glitter gelle on the other day.:undecided

ANYWAY! I am going with the Frootie Patootie since I already have it and am trying to NOT add new FO's at this time..so I can get more of what I have on the shelf when we open.. It is fruit slices so the green will work with it anyway. I am sure once things are going I will add some other scent choices anyway. :grin2:

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