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Odd request please help!


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I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy gag scent my brother in law wants me to make a gag candle for him, awhile ago I found a site and now can't seem to find anything. Any help will be greatly appreciated !



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In an earlier thread it was mentioned that Lebermuth carries a Fart FO. The down side is they have a $150 minimum order and I can't imagine anyone would want $150 of Fart FO! :shocked2: The up side is they have some nice FOs in their Specials at 2 lbs/$8.00. Or maybe you could call and they'd send you sample? I've never tested their oils in wax--I'm still trying to conquer my catalytic lamps and have had excellent results with their oils in that respect. HTH

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Hi Valerie6.

Not sure where you live but Taylored Concepts in Dallas Tx has "Puppy's Breath" FO And they have "Fresh Dirt" FO

Nothing like Fart FO but its way off the wall. They have a FO called Monkey Farts at AAA but its fruity smelling. There is no minimum order for these places either.


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