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ISO Body Spray using Everclear/Vodka


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Guest EMercier

Does this really work? Has any one tested and sold this? I've been looking for a way to make body and linen spray at a decent price.

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For linen spray I use 1 part distilled water to 2 parts witch hazel. Add to that a mix of emulsified FO with polysorbate. Works very nicely - clear, drys really quickly and the scent lasts longer than other bases I have tried costing alot more.

Too many regs about using everclear or "booze" in products, plus I never got around the smell. I am thinking every state is different on what you can and can't do with alchohol, check with your local ABC.

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The Everclear/Vodka that I bought has absolutely no smell to it. As of right now, I'm not wanting to sell the spray, just using it for myself and freely giving it away to family and friends. So far it has worked fabulously!!!!!!!! The scent is not as long lasting as I would like, but it lasts much longer than just fo and cyclomethicone. May try mixing a small amount of a carrier oil in it. Let ya know how that works.

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