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So i've made some candles and now i was just wondering how to package it, weater to use sort of clear plastic and some nice ribbon or sort of gift boxes, or even if i need to package them at all.

Hope someone can help.

Thank you.

P.s there is a picture of the candle in question here : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v207/mrblobby1984/DVC00024.jpg

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I know you aren't a business, but we usually keep packaging questions in this forum ;)

When we sell or give away candles, we usually have a warning statement of some kind stuck to the bottom of the container. Don't leave unattended, don't burn in a draft, that kind of thing.

And it's usually nice to have some kind of tag with the scent name on it. That's a cute container, but it is hard to label since it has that raised design. Maybe a hang tag?

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