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??Hiring a CPA

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I have an awsome CPA..she only charges me by the form she has to fill out..she will answer 1,000,000 questions if I have them..but does not charge me for time. Only by the form. She does payroll, state, local tax, I do some stuff myself but other businesses use her for even their sales tax.. I don't know how other ones work because I am never planning to leave her. She finds me every penny she can on my return and is even educated as a finanacial advisor so .... I am lucky. :D

I would say it costs us about $150 a year for her to do what she does for us.

I don't think that was much help..but I would not suggest those companies that come around only during the tax time..I would find an all the time CPA you can consult regularly.

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As a CPA, I can personally tell you that you do not want someone that they hire off of the street for tax season only. You want someone that does this year around. We bill only for the time that we spend working on your return or bookkeeping. Also, I always look back at the prior year return to see what deductions that you took to be sure that you didn't forget something. It can happen to the best of us. Also, we mail out "organizers" at the end of the year. These organizers show what was used on the prior year return to help you remember what information to gather. You can fill out the information right on the organizer. Also, it has a list of questions on new tax issues to help determine if there are any new tax breaks that apply to you. Just remember to add up all of your deductions yourself. Don't take it in a bag for them to sort thru. It will cost you alot of money if you do, because they are having to spend extra time adding the stuff up. HTH.

Beverly S

P.S. Of course, this is how my firm handles things. I cannot guarantee that others do the same. Be sure to ask. ;)

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I have a great CPA he only charge when he prepares my taxes but I can call him up any time and he is more than willing to answer questions. I am on the verge of going LLC and he said it would not take much for him to do it for me so that is the route I will be taking soon.

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