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Full time candle maker questions


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I was just reading the replies to whether candle making is your full time job, ironic that this is the subject I was going to discuss also. I just started my candle business last October and have to say that during the holidays I did quite well! Well, now that it's summer my sales are not near what they were during the holidays, which is understandable. As I was sitting in the scorching heat this weekend at a show where I did not even make back my booth rental, several ideas, questions, thoughts, realizations, ect. came to mind. Some of which I would truly appreciate if any of you could take the time to answer, after all us candle makers have to stick together! :cool2:

1) It appears that candles seem to be more of a gift giving kind of purchase, i it seems to me that anytime I sell a nice item or several items to one person, they tell me it is for a gift. this in mind I was wondering if your inventory only consists of candles or if any/all/most of you also sell additional lines of items, such as wall hangings, wooden accessories that kind of thing?

2) Most of my items are failey low tickets items, I make bakery style candles such as pies, muffins, tarts, I also make wax dipped bears. The most expensive items is probably the wax dipped bears. What variety of items do any of you make, also if any of you make items that sell for over 20.00, what are they?

3) last question for now. How do you package your inventory, I am wondering if candles sell better if they are all unwrapped so shoppers can get a clear look at them. Currently I wrapp my items in a cello bag and attach a tag, I then display 1 open item of each style candle so people can pick it up and smell it and little kids can stick their fingers in it, and people can let their dogs lick it and laugh because the dog thinks its real....yes truly this is the kind of weekend I had! Thank you all for so much support and assistance! I was looking for a slogan and may have decided on "just keep smiling"

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Hi NY Candles, ? 1- I sell only candles that I make, year round. ? 2- I make chunk, marbled,and embedded pillars, votives, floaters, lanterns, and sphere candles. ? 3- I wrap all my pillars in cello. I do see an advatage to not wrapping them as far as visibility, but the protection that the wrap provides out weights that. Summer is definately a challenge for candle sales. I am fortunate to live in an area with heavy summer tourism, this allows me to make it through to the fall/winter season. Also, I sell at a couple of night time markets. I have found over the years that even in summer, people buy more candles when the sun starts to go down. You mentioned bakery type candles. Do you have summer type scents? I find a big difference in what scents sell, according to season. About half of my scents I carry all year. The other half are either summer or winter stock only. HTH Janette

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I spent many a shows in the summer coming home bummed & depressed that candle sales were awful. I think that many times during the summer candles that are sold are much more of artwork, such as some wonderful rustic pillars, or Donita's hurricanes would do well in the summer. But candles in general, just aren't that needed.

Add on B&B and you'll make back your booth fee with the right items.

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