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Trouble with Rustics

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I tried to make my first rustic, and it didn't turn out right. I used 75% Naturewax P-1 and 25% paraffin. I poured at 155F (I tried to pour at a lower temp, but the wax started to solidify a bit - didn't know if that was ok), then put in a water bath for 2 hours. The candle was smooth and shiny, rather than rustic. What did I do wrong? Also, I put the mold in the fridge while the wax was melting. TIA!

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The Naturewax P-1 if i am not mistaken is the Cargill soy pillar wax, and mixed with that amount of paraffin, i am not sure you are going to get a good rustic. But after seeing some of Eugenia's new experiments, i could be wrong. :D

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