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My First Candles

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Ok well it is official, I have created my first candle! Thanks to a kit I picked up from Hobby Lobby!


(Double Boiler Set-Up)


Votive Mold (Put it in one of those buffet dishes for easy cleanup)


Putting in the wick (No Color or Scent for this one!)


Added Color to this one!


Pouring the purple wax into mold #2


Chill Out! Gotta wait....

Ok as you can see there are no finale pics, mainly because I am not satisfied witht eh outcome. As they cooled they looked very I dont know, not like I wanted... I looked at the label on the boiler and it said "Palm Wax" is that supposed to come out looking marbled?

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OK well since I really wasnt all that satisfied with those candles I went and spent the day experimenting! This is the result!

I spent the whole day experimenting, And experimentation yeilds shocking results! (Atleast to me, since I just started doing this yesterday)

Here is what I am calling "Grandma's Country Home" it consits of a balanced mixture of Spiced Apple, Vanilla, and Cinnamon fragrances. The bottom is a deep orange (kind of like a pumpkin) and the top is a dark chocolate brown with a heart set inside. Please tell me what you think!




Sorry for the poor quality images (Using a cheap webcam)

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