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Okay having trouble trying to figure out the exact way to put the ingredient list on some soaps for testing and swaps, I know or should I say think it goes most to least on the list but needed help with presentation and acual meaning of it like its not labeled lye but sodium hydroxide.

Is there a site that helps me with this and one for laws on this and maybe some one could please post an example of a label they made for a soap.

Really having a time of this one, it looks crazy writing each oil, example,

Ingredients: soybean oil, coconut oil, olive oil,

grapeseed oil, goatmilk, water, sodium hydroxide

fragrance, titanium dioxide

to me it seems there should be a way to shorten it or does that seem right

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okay, thanks for your help, thought maybe I could just put, oils from(soybean,coconut,olive and grapeseed), goatmilk, water, sodium hydroxide, and fragrance, but guess its about the same that wax minus the word oil. Thanks so much at least I know I got the hang of it so far

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