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Jar Question

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for those that sell their soy container candles. Do any of you use just the regular canning type jars that you can get at Wally World? I am currently making 2 containers, a 8oz square mason and a 10 apothecary. They are nice jars and I will continue to use them but if the regular canning jars sell well I could save A LOT of money on jar shipping and add an additional jar or two to my soy line. Also, if you use the canning jars which size sells best for you. TIA

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I am very new here, and to candle making, but I am doing really well so far.

Its all of the great advice, and research here!!! This forum has given so much info, that I swear it made it so much easier to test, and have an idea about what these candles should look like!! LOL!!! :wink2:

Anyway, I have been making Tarts, and also making 4oz jelly jar, and 8oz wide mouth jelly jar candles. I cant keep them in stock!!:laugh2:

I tried the 16oz, but they didnt sell as well.

I am sure that there are many more experienced people here that can give you more great info.

Good luck!! Renee

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I use the tapered 8oz JJ and the 16 oz Jelly Jar. These are plain and have no frosting, writing, or anything on them. I do buy lids separtly for them to spice them up. I think most poeple just want a great smelling candle. So the basic jars work well for me.

But if your customers want the fancy jar, then you could charge them more..

See if you can find a jar manufacture near you so you can save on shipping too.:P

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I use the 8 oz. jelly jars and the 4 oz. quilted jelly jars. I get a lot of remarks about how "cute" the 4 oz. quilted jars are but both sell equally well. I was also making 16 oz. wide mouth jars, but those were not selling as well and I may discontinue them from my line.

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