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I never thought about trying the farmer's market. I will check it out here. Thanks.

In our village, It's only $35 for the spot for the whole season. Last week I made over $70.00 so I've already recouped my fee. So it's worth it to me, even if I only make $2.50.

Also if I don't go one week, cuz I've got something else going on, or it's too dang hot to bring candles to a show, or if I just don't have the oomph to go, I don't feel like I haven't already got my money's worth.

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From what I can tell, there's no one at ours except on Saturday. Didn't get there this weekend cause we had a big festival here and don't know how to contact them. Hopefully, they have a price like what you're getting for the whole season. Might be too hot, though, for a lot of it. It's REALLY hot and humid here.

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