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Wholesale Aloe Gel


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Hi all :) I am looking for wholesale ultra clear aloe vera gel. Or at least pretty cheap. I bought two of the small $3 bottles at walmart just to try it in my body parfaits. They are flying off the shelves. So I need to find something more cost efficient since I know I can sell them now ;) Thanks all!

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If you find someone - let me know too lol

Right now, I am getting it by the case at my Osco drug store. It is pretty reasonable & I wish I could find cheaper, but so far nothing.

Yep those parfaits will fly - they are our #1 seller starting in June and they don't die down until September!

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Sure I don't mind at all!

During the summer clearance last year at Wally World, I purchased some of those ketchup/mustard fast food containers with the spout and attached a big long straw to the tip. We fastened them together with electric tape, then duct tape so they wouldn't leak.

This is also how we fill our foil packets for all of you having issues with the foil packet thing. Works awesome!

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Sorry to hijack this thread, but what do you do to keep the color from the gel bleeding into the lotion part. I've tried the parfaits but my whites start turning the same color as the gel after a while. Anyway to keep this from happening?



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