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Recipe Conversion Impaired Today

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I've got a KILLER allergy attack going on right now and I can't think straight. I'm trying to convert a lotion recipe from % to oz. What's the best way to do it? I keep coming up with different numbers each time I try it.

If someone wants to help me out, I'd appreciate it today. Too much dayquil and tylenol sinus is fogging me.

20% olive oil

5% e-wax

5% stearic acid

3% honey

1% citric acid

66% water

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Begin with the total amount of ounces you want to end up with.

Then multiply by the %, keeping in mind to get 20% of 1 oz (for exampmle) you would multiply 1 oz by 0.20 = .2 oz.

But why would you want to work in ounces?

I think you should do the whole thing in grams. If you want to end up with, say 4 oz then you want to start with 4 X 28.4 grams, then do the whole thing.

Hmmm, sounding too comples - why don't you tell us how much you want to end up with and I can try to do the math for you.

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