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GB 464 Suppliers

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Do we have a list of suppliers for this wax yet? Someone preferably in my neck of the woods? I am curious and would like to try it out. I suppose I could just the some of the Universal Soy Additive and add to my 415, at 2%, is that correct?

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) Gateway- call 1-877-220-1963 or email at Kkackley@gatewayfoodproducts.com for more information. Ask for Kris. They are located in Dupo, IL.

2) Alabaster Candle Supply- you can call the Alabama or the Louisville Location.

3) Southern Sensations- They are located in Flat Rock, MI.

4)SoyCandle.com- based in Louisville, Kentucky, this is a new company that will carry ALL of the Golden Brands products. The website is now active and you can reach them at 1-866-375-8969

5) Makes Scents Candles- Based out of Ohio.

6) Aztec International- based in Knoxville, TN.

7) The Candle Makers Store- based in Hamilton, OH.

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