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Pillar wicking revisited

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Some time ago, a discussion was held with regard to a method for sealing the wick when pouring pillars. It involves rubber pads being pulled tight around the wick, thus sealing it. A photo was shown of the bottom of the mold, but not the top. I've attached a photo of my method for both ends, which should clarify the method.

Also if anyone is interested, and will contact me, I can provide a kit which is shown in one of the attached photos.


Waxes 'n Wicks

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Actually, it isn't already on the market. The jiffy wicker is not sturdy enough to pull the wick tight enough to squeeze the rubber hard enough to seal the wick. I had one, and bent it the first time I tried it. The Jiffy wicker is used with a sealing compound around the base of the wick, not a rubber seal.

I haven't had a leak since I started using this system.

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