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Bath Oil Recipe


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I noticed several people were looking for bath oil recipes. Here's one that I got from someone else and I really like and she says it's one of her best sellers. I subbed the apricot kernel with sao. Of course with this being a nut oil have to place nut allergy warning on it.

1 cup of apricot kernel oil(sweet almond)

1 cup of grapeseed oil

1/2 cup of sesame seed oil also known as sesame oil

1/2 cup of macadamia nut oil

3 tablespoons of Vitamin E Oil, (T-50) keeps oils from going rancid

1 tablespoon of fragrance of choice

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Sunflower is another light oil. I think I'm going to try subbing it with that and see how it does. Or I would think you could sub it with more grapeseed. It's really a light bath oil that doesn't leave you feeling like you've bathed in Crisco shortening lol

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If I remember correctly I used the grapeseed in my bath bombs because I wanted to avoid the nut oils. I personally like grapeseed. I'm not sure about the FCO I'm going to have to get some of that because they said on here you can use just the FCO and fo for a body spray.

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FCO seems to go into my skin like you wouldn't believe. It would be terrible for a massage oil cause it doesn't stay slick. In the combo though it might be really neat. I'm going to make up a mini batch now with just AKO, grapeseed, and some sunflower and FCO and see what happens.

Back in an hour!

I lied: I'm about to climb into the tub with a mix of

20g AKO

20g grapeseed

10g FCO

10g RBO

2g Monoi de Tahiti (fragranced)

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It was a short bath. My comments:

1. Don't use much!

2. A bit oily, but not bad. I like the mix of light and heavier oils. I think next I will increase the monoi by quite a bit (cause I couldn't smell it) or drop it entirely and increase the FCO instead and add an FO maybe.

2 minutes later: 3. After toweling off it left a light layer of oil on my skin which was really just a fine amount; not greasy at all. So maybe instead of increasing the FCO I'll just swap it out for more monoi for the scent and leave as is.... I like it this way.

Very nice overall, though.

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