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Chunk Container Candles

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I made chunks in different colors (strawberry, raspberry, orange, and yellow) using J225, scented them in ICS Raspberry Rainbow, and put them in 12 oz. jelly jars. Then I did a white overpour with the same scent using Greenleaf 70/30 container blend. I just finished them this morning and haven't had the chance to test burn them yet. Going to give them a day or two to set up before I do.

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Someone in the fragrance section gave me the idea when I asked for suggestions on what color to give the ICS Raspberry Rainbow scent. So, during the weekend, I made up a bunch of different colors, cut them up, then put them in a couple of jars for testing.

Someone else also suggested making different colored layers, too.

I think the jelly bean idea sounds great, too! You could make some jelly bean embeds in different colors and pour them into jars. I just might have to give that one a try, too!


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