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tart molds ?

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A couple ?s to anyone who has enough time to reply (wow have the boards slowed since the summer season hit).....

I just started playing with tarts to use up the extra wax after my pours (had been saving it in bags for later use or something LOL) anywho, I wanted something that went with my theme - I found butterfly and daisy molds for candy, plastic sheets. the butterfly and 1 of the daisy dont seem to work, I think its to thin of a depth and the wax doesnt get thick enough not to break when I pop them out? The other 2 seem to work alright and are alot deeper cut shapes.

SO ? time....

Anyone see any good butterfly or daisy molds that seem they'd work well.

Do you all clean the mold sheets and if so how? Ive been just trying to scrape out what I can.

And whats you experience with tarts --- is it best just to go with clamshell things and just have no theme-ness to them?

Do you use mold release?

I use EL 100% classic container soy.

thanks all and enjoy the summer huh :cheesy2:

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Have you tried putting your tarts in the fridge for a few mins ? i do mine and they pop right out. i use the standard fluted tart mold, at christmas i had some jello molds that looked like a santa, bell, tree and snowman i made some tarts in to put in baskets i was doing just for decor. but other than that i stick to reg tart molds. i had some thin candy molds in shape of stars , but it was more trouble than it was worth to fill them up, not very deep. i use parsoy for tarts/ votives wax.

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Container wax may be too soft for tarts :undecided ....could be that is why you are having trouble getting them out of the mold. Perhaps try mixing some pillar wax with the container wax, I use a 75%(pillar wax)/25%(container wax) blend for tarts.

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