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Photos of burning soy pillars

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Please can anyone help me?

I'm trying to find photos of correctly burning soy wax pillars so I can compare them with the ones I'm testing just now.

I've done a couple of searches but can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

I'm sure some of you genius candle makers out there will have posted pics but I just can't find them :rolleyes2 .

Any help would be great.

I'm testing 2 1/4" x 6" tall soy pillars undyed with FO at 1oz per # which I think are doing ok.

I'm getting a full melt pool with only a slight shell, no dribbles or uneven burning :cheesy2: & a fairly good HT but I'm gonna up the FO next time.

I'd post a pic myself but alas I'm pretty hopeless with that side of things :sad2:

Hope someone can help cos I think the ones I'm testing now are better than any of the earlier attempts but I need to see some others in action.

Thank you.


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I dont think you should go up on the FO, Maybe you need a stronger FO? Pillars are not suppose to scent like a jar. I suggest getting a 3" diameter mold. That is what most people buy.

I have some 3" moulds which I will be testing soon, I'm trying to perfect one or two things at a time so I don't get confused :wink2:

I understand pillars & jars throw differently & I'm not too bothered about the throw right now I just need to see how someone elses soy pillars burn well as I'm fairly new to soy myself & it works differently to the parrafin wax I've used before.

I may well end up with a range of 2" pillars unscented as a larger mp should have better ht.

Thanks for your suggestion. :cheesy2:


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Hi Sally, from the photos I remember seeing, your soy pillars are going to burn differently than the paraffin pillars. For example you won't be able to hug the soy pillars, if memory serves me correctly. Hopefully someone corrects me if I'm wrong, but 1/8th of an inch is probably ok for a shell.....and after a few burns it should start to consume the shell on top as it burns further down into the candle.

I apologize if I'm wrong, but that is what I remember from some other pics and posts.



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Thanks Tops,

I gave my pillar a second burn today....first burn was good it behaved similar to the HTP 1212, however todays burn was something else!

It started out fine then an hour in a small hole burned through the shell & the mp ran away into the holder. The wick had no hope after that & just tunnelled down til I decided to blow it out.

Could this 2nd burn performance be due to an air pocket that I've missed in the repours?

I couldn't see any evidence of one but I'll know tomorrow when I melt it down, repour & try a different wick.

Or maybe the aliens have found Scotland, I'll have to make myself a foil hat!

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Initially flame size was perfect, less than an inch high & stable & the candle seemed to be burning really nicely, however as I said todays burn was totally different. I'm going to wick down a size tomorrow & if that doesn't work I'll try again with the Eco's. The current wick is a multi purpose unbleached cotton with paper filament no.12 from a UK supplier so not commonly used in the US I think.

I'm going to get some LX's & RD's soon as I can & confuse myself even more!

Thanks for your help.

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Oh I bet we do use that wick. Probably the supplier labels it their own way, but the description is exactly right for CD or ECO, both made in Germany. Both have a 12 size, but in CD that's a medium size and in ECO it's second to largest.

It could be a supplier label thing but as I don't have any CD's I can't compare.

The multi purpose wicks I have are unbleached cotton whereas the Eco's are bleached, there is a slight difference in the actual colour of the wick but not much.

With the Eco's there's a larger range of wick sizes so I'm going to try one of them today as I tried the smaller multi purpose (10) & thought that was too small.

Am currently testing another pillar with same size wick but different FO & yet another with an Eco 6 & different FO....running around from room to room taking notes as I go....the kids think I'm nuts! But they should know that by now!


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