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adding to much milk to rebatch


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I've done 2 rebatches and used too much milk on purpose as I wanted the mixture to be creamy. I knew it would be soft and need extra curing time. I'm about to torcher someone with a sample of it in her order for some feedback. Should be interesting :o !

Scent Cellar that's a GREAT idea to add more shreds, thank God for the experienced. As simply as the idea I would have never thought of it. I love this board :yes::thumbsup: !!

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Ugh! I just tried rebatching for the first time...did it with approx. 1 pound of soap. The soap was so fresh {2 days old} I didn't think I'd have to add any liquid at all...just melted in microwave for about a minute, really had no idea what I was doing. Couldn't really stir it, so I added one ounce of fo and mashed it together with my hands...it looks like doggy doo. Now I can see why rebatching is avoided! :sad2:

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