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master batch..


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do most of you have a main cp soap recipe that you make mostly and just scent differently.. i have been trying diff. recipes and getting diff feedback

a couple of my testers some not good and some working well..

the ones doing well i will work from those and scent diff. is this what most of you do?

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I do use a master batch recipe. IMO- if you are selling a lot of soap then that is the only way to do it.

It took me 4 years to find my master batch recipe. I use that for about 95% of the soaps that I carry and then just vary the bars by color, scent and additives. I do some 'special' batches for Christmas time that are different then my master batch.

The advantages to having a master batch recipe are:

1) You can buy your oils in bulk because you always know what you'll need.

2) You can make your batches fairly quickly because you know your recipe and you don't have to run everything through a calculator every time.

3) You know what your oils/butters will do so there is no 'mystery' (unless you use a new FO.... :D )


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Yes, I have a standard soap recipe that I just scent and color differently. But I also have several special recipe soaps:

1. Oatmeal, Buttermilk & Honey ~ luxury oils added plus buttermilk, oats and honey

2. Shaving Soap ~ extra lather-boosters, silk fibers, and clay added for increased razor "slip"

3. Shea Butter Soap ~ especially high on conditioning oils for dry skin

4. Grandma's Old-Fashioned (an unscented lard soap for poison ivy)

5. Goat's Milk Soap ~ made with 100% GM instead of water

6. Stardust Vanilla ~ made with 100% coconut milk instead of water

7. Baby Me ~ a super gentle soap; a faux castile (almost 100% olive - LOL!)

Two variations of my standard recipe: I also make a coffee soap with triple-brewed coffee instead of water. This is a kitchen "chef's" bar for washing odors such as onion and garlic off the hands. Then I have a gardener's bar with cornmeal for "grit" to scrub off stubborn dirt.

Soaping's WAY too fun for me to just have one standard recipe! :laugh2: Variety is the spice of soaping for me! :D

Hope that helps. :)

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