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Melt Pool Questions

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Hey folks, I had a question. I was looking for your opinions on what an adequate amount of "hang up" is, after a 3 to 3.5 hour burn. My jar is a shade OVER 3 inches. I would say around 3 1/4" or so.

I know that hangup generally catches up, however, what is acceptable? Is it about a 1/2" all the way around? Is it less? More?

The problem that I'm facing is that in my opinion, it's better to wick properly for the BOTTOM part of the jar, where the melt pool reaches the edges much quicker, than it is for the top part, so, if I were to select a wick size which reached the edges, at the TOP in 3 hours or so, I believe that, in the bottom half of the jar, it would reach the edges far too quickly and, it would be, in essence, over wicked, causing problems like soot, and the jar getting too hot, etc.

I know hangup tends to catch up, however, what are your opinions on the matter? How much hang up is ideal? Your opinions on here are greatly respected and, I thank you all in advance for your input.

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Generally speaking I'd say your thinking is sound. More often than not I think people are overwicking in their zeal to get a fast complete melt pool at the top of the jar. But like everything, the ideal way it should work just depends and it's hard to generalize.

I'll venture to say 1/2" sounds like too much. I've seen 1/4" hangup at the top work just great for tins (which catch up like crazy towards the bottom) or containers that taper towards the bottom. Often 1/8" or a thin layer against the glass turns out just right.

My 2 cents. Another $1.23 and you can buy a small coffee at Starbucks.

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I would echo what Top said. Alot also depends on the type of container you are using, I would think. Some tend to use the "heat well" to their advantage in creating a quicker melt pool when you get past the top third or so. Some, straight sided tumbler types, don't.

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