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Wholesale candle snuffers


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Anyone know where I can get a good price on candle snuffers? I actually have an order (yeah) for a gift basket in July and the woman requested a candle snuffer and I don't have any on hand, so might as well pick up a few.

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I'm not sure what type you are looking for, but I found these wick dippers on ebay and I have really liked them. They aren't actually snuffers, but you push the wick over into the melted wax to put it out. My husband actually uses it all the time as he hates that smoke when you blow the candle out.

Here is a link for the guy I bought them from on ebay. I got 100 of them and have them for sale with my candles. I think they look nice, but found that you have to wipe them off before you sell them as they do have some of the black stuff that will rub off in your hand. Otherwise, I think they're great.

Anyway, here you go, he has several styles:




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