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Parma Violet


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You're not the only one looking! I think I've bought just about every violet f/o offered here in the USA and none smell like Parma Violets. I've noticed websites over seas that look like they might be promising from their descriptions, but I don't want to order from so far away if I can find it in the states. It's been very frustrating for me because Parma Violets smell so lovely to me.


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I found it!

I got a whole 2lbs of it delivered to me today, direct from the manufacturer. To me, it smells a bit like baby powder, but more floral. It's beautiful!!

I'm in the UK though, so unless you wanted to pay for shipping, I can't get it to you. I usually buy ALL my oils from the US and pay the shipping fee, but I've now found a huge oil manufacturer in the US who has a facility here in the UK. I'm now buying my oils from them but because they have a large minimum I buy in a co-op with a few other soapers/chandlers/suppliers so we all get the oils we want but don't have to buy 25kgs of each FO.


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