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I am not sure if I am even able to post this here, but I am curious where I can find a SUPER rich, fatty, yummy soaps for sale? I love the Dove type of soaps, and I know nothing about soap making.. and I am still a super slave to my very own candle making, but I love to sit here and read all about the wonderful soaps and body butters you all are making and swapping.. I am so impressed, that I would love to find some for sale.. Could anyone help me find some really rich soaps? Thanks very much for the help.. I love to look at your B&B photos.. you guys rock!!

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Yes, lots of us make soaps! For my richest, creamiest soaps, try Rice Flower & Shea Butter -- made with shea butter, natch! -- or my Goat Milk soap. I also have some special goat milk soaps not listed on my site right now because they are limited edition. One is a rich vanilla scented 100% goat's milk soap, and the other is a Sweet Orange & Patchouli essential oil blend also made with 100% goat's milk. Or you could try my Stardust vanilla soap made with coconut milk instead of water.

My website is in my signature below. Hope you find what you're looking for at a CT'ers website. :-) There are lots of talented folks hanging out here. Heh heh

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