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Question about HTP wicks

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I'm a little confused. In most of the charts I've looked at, their biggest wicks (1212 and 1312) actually have smaller pool diameters and flame heights, as well as ROC's, than the 126.

In essence, is 126 their biggest wick?

If you look at them side by side, the 1312 looks bigger in size, but according to the charts, the 126 burns a little hotter than the 1312. Can't explain why, maybe the way the fibers are woven together.


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Actually, in my experience and what other people have tested, I believe that the 126 is actually between the 105 and the 1212 as far as hotness goes. In everything I tested, the 1312 blew the 126 away. Others could have different results, and I am not sure why the chart shows them that way, but I certainly have never gotten the 126 to burn hotter than the 1312. Not sure either if it has different effects in diff. waxes, that could also be possible I suppose.

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I can use the 1212 and 1312 single wicked in one of my jars with most FOs. However, when I tested the 126's, they didn't even come close to a full mp in this jar like the 1212's and 1312's did. It is also my experience that they are actually smaller.

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