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First Batch of Soap

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Since It has been a while since I made soap, I think it was 1998 since I made a batch. I have a question and am hoping some of you experienced soapmakers can help... I just purchased 1 lb. of glycerine soap based shea butter and want to make a batch of the swirl looking soap. I also purchased some red raspberry soap dye and have some Black Raspberry Vanilla FO, now I need to know how much dye do I add to make it swirl and how much FO do I add to make it smell wonderful without making a gloppy mess. I am just in the testing stage and don't want to miss out on all the fun you all are having. I am just so excited to try this and I want it to work out! Thank you all this is a great board..

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To make a swirled melt & pour soap, just dip a toothpick into the dye and swirl it around in the freshly-poured soap. There are other methods, but this is one way I've done that worked. Don't stir too much -- just barely get that color in there.

I use about 6 drops of fo per oz. of M&P, but that's just me.

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