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Wax similar to IGI 4630

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Hi everyone,

My first few container candles were made from IGI 4630 and they came out great! However, because of the high shipping cost (peak-new jersey) I considered switching wax.

I received a sample of CBL 125 from Candlewic and was excited to try it. However, so far I am disappointed. I made three 4oz container candles with three types of wicks (44-32-18, htp and cotton core). The scent throw-both hot and cold- were poor.

I am considering testing a different wax (j223 or another CBL). I loved the results from IGI 4630...can anyone suggest another wax that can produce the same hot and cold scent throw. Or can you give feedback on your experience with any of these waxes.

PLEASE HELP!:confused:

Thanks :-)

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I make my own. It doesn't matter what anyone else uses because it's all good if it works for you. The best thing you can do now is keep using what you like and have experience with, and learn how to make the best possible candle with it. There is plenty more to learn about wicks and fragrance and such. You have all the rest of your life to try different waxes.

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