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Natural Glycerin


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I had a friend in another state send me a newspaper article about a soap company that will be opening its doors in her area.... (in WA). I was reading along and she was asked what makes her soap so special and different... she stated (and I quote), "I use retained glycern extensively".

So my question is, isn't that the same thing that the rest of us do? I know that commercial soap makers remove the glycerin which is a natural by-product that occurs during the soap sapification process. Homemade soap makers cannot do that.

I guess that is a fancy way of putting it... being a soap-maker, it sounded almost silly to me...

Any thoughts? :)

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It doesn't really make sense.. I tell my customers when the ask if I carry the glycerine soap that my homemade soap retains the natural glycerine that occurs during the soapmaking process, making a highly moisturizing bar.

But retained glycerine? Just sounds weird..

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Is this company Seattle Soapworks? I read an article about them recently and there was a mention of retained glycerin. In her case, I think the soaps are not handmade, in which case she's distinguishing herself from other commercial manufacturers who do not retain the glycerin in their soap.

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