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Ok I want to make CP soap now too!!


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I'm catching the bug from reading and seeing all the pics. of the soap you've all done, I now want to try my hand at it. ;)

My problem is all the different oils and such are very overwhelming, and I'm not sure where to start? I mean, is there a way to buy small amounts of oils and such?

I guess I should figure out what I want from my soap huh? Like what I want it do and how I want it to feel etc. and that would probably lead me to recipes which would then lead me to which oils etc. I would need right?

It just seems a bit overwhelming and me being the worst decision maker in the world, I think I may need someone to just say, "hey. do this recipe, and buy these ingredients, and get to soaping!!" LOL

I mean after three days, I'm STILL trying to decide which FO samples to order from Peak. :rolleyes2

It took me 6 months to decide which flooring I wanted for my house. I'm terrible about making decisions, always worried about spending the money and then not liking it KWIM??

Ok, I've rambled long enough, off to look at some recipes again and see if I can make a decision. ;)

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Breath :)

You can make a very nice soap with Simple ingredients from the store. Olive oil, lard, crisco, soybean oil, castor oil, and even coconut oil can all be bought locally, this way you dont have to worry about having them shipped out, you dont have to worry about spending alot of money on something you dont like, and if all else fails, you can use the leftover oils in the kitchen for something else.

Check out www.millersoap.com

She has some very easy recipies that do not require any special ingredients and all of them, I am told make a nice soap. My first recipie was a simple one from here, and lots of others have started here too.

Good luck on your first CP :)

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I believe that there is a spot on this board that Robin and some of the other members of this board put together a basic soap recipe section.

For my first soap swap I made it with Olive oil and Coconut oil. It took quite a long time for it to become hard but boy it sure is a nice bar of soap.

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